Over Modern Organic Synthesis

Modern Organic Synthesis

This exciting event will be moderated by the EurJOC editorial team Charlotte Gers-Panther and Anne Nijs and board chair Burkhard Koenig (EurJOC Chair) and will feature three exciting 25-minute presentations by:

  • Jinghan Gui (Shanghai IOC, EurJOC Award Lecture):
    Efficient Syntheses of Steroid and Terpenoid Natural Products
  • Mariola Tortosa (UA Madrid):
    Catalysis to Increase Complexity—Stereoselective Synthesis of sp3-Rich Building Blocks
  • Jérôme Waser (EPF Lausanne):
    Catalytic Multi-Functionalizations with HypervalentIodine Reagents

To registerfor this free event, please click here. Feel free to promote this event within your societies and with your colleagues. For more upcoming virtual events from Chemistry Europe visit the Chemistry Europe Hub or Chemistry Views.

Best wishes from all the Chemistry Europe team


To register for this free event, please click here.

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